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It is hoped that as a visitor, you will find content that informs, edifies, exhorts, encourages and blesses.  The focus is Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMaschiach) and that hearts would be turned towards Him, for He is the only way back to the Living God, the Almighty Holy One of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In today's world, truth is becoming harder and harder to find. There is much disinformation and misinformation everywhere and multitudes are becoming discouraged, frustrated, confused and ofttimes angered. The Lord does not want us consumed with fear, for fear is the opposite of faith. However, He does not want us to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that we do not see the increase of evil and the foreboding darkness enveloping all the nations of the earth.

This website is dedicated to the Lord; it is His site. I merely look after it. Content will be added as quickly as possible. There are nearly 500 articles to post and I am on my own doing it. It has been difficult to keep up the cost of the site, but so far it has been managed.  May the Lord be pleased to help me to continue.  It is challenging to say how long any websites will be up, given the tumultuous (chaotic) and unstable times we are in. The events we are witnessing today are lining up perfectly with the Holy Scriptures.


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